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Our History

Dallas-based Williams Chicken is known as the most beloved ‘chicken spot’ in North Texas. For three decades Williams Chicken has cooked up a stellar reputation and a history of success and staying power. With humble beginnings from a small Texas town, Founder Hiawatha Williams earned an opportunity to work for a nationwide fast-food corporation, only to later spread his wings into the world of entrepreneurship. In 1987, WILLIAMS CHICKEN opened its first location and from that day to this one, the special recipe only gets better.

The real secret to our success is the company's philosophy: To Serve, Grow and Give Back to the Community™ .</p> <p>

Perfecting Chicken and Business is what Williams has dedicated his life to. There are over 40 restaurants in operation and more than 500 employees. Williams Chicken is known as the place for GREAT CHICKEN, COOKED FRESH NEVER FROZEN. A place that not only offers affordable prices to feed families, but affords entrepreneurial opportunities to hundreds of business and franchise owners. Armed with strong faith, an unmatched work ethic and a ‘give back spirit’, Williams Chicken has major community initiatives throughout North Texas to support youth and education program.